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Sooner or Later......Making the Right Call

How do you choose the best realtor to work with? There are many qualities to consider when making that decision. Buying or selling your home is important to you so interview several Realtors from different companies, ask friends for referrals, and research tops Realtors on-line. Sooner or later, you will know when you found a match! Then all you will need to do is make the call. The list below will help guide you in selecting the best Realtor for you!

Are you being heard? There is a reason we have two ears. Is your Realtor listening to you? Are they listening to your budget limits, commute expectations, and your overall needs and wants? Are they able to summarize what you're looking for after your initial conversation? Knowing that you are being heard is the first step to selecting the right person to work with.

Is your Realtor asking the "right" questions? There are questions that are for the "right now" and there are questions to think about for the future. You want your Realtor to be asking you for answers to both. They need to be your eyes on what you need now and may want later.

Is your Realtor doing "appropriate" research to show you as many options possible? Once you share with your Realtor your wish list, a Realtor needs to make realistic attempts to find you as many properties that fit that criteria and get you inside those homes. Once you see how much a home will cost with all the things you want, then your Realtor can help you modify your list to get you closer to your price point, desired location, and house size.

Is your realtor showing you properties that make sense (and don't make sense)? Sometimes you think you only want a 2-story home, but a ranch house comes to market that checks off all your other boxes as far as neighborhood, price and proximity to your work. A great Realtor is going to show you that property.

Is your Realtor available to show houses, answer questions or find out needed information for you in a timely manner?

Ever hear of the saying, "time is of the essence"? In real estate that is so true. Is your Realtor ready and able to show you homes when they first hit the market, do a little digging to provide you with useful information and make sure that can answer buyer agent questions accurately?

What makes your Realtor stand out from the rest (and is the "something" important to you)? Someone who is very out going and points out special features on a house may not be a good fit if you are a square foot and numbers person...just the facts please. Personalities and styles should be considered when deciding who you want to work with.

Is your Realtor working for you, are you working for them, or are you working together? Collaboration is extremely important when buying a home. A great Realtor will ask you what level of involvement you are seeking and provide those services for you. Some buyers or sellers want to be involved in every decision, some need their hand held because it is their first time, and others want a mix.

Does your Realtor know how to say no? Your Realtor should know a thing or two more than you do when it comes to the housing market. They need to know when to say no to some of your requests. In the end, you will be grateful that you chose a Realtor who has your best interests at heart.

Is your Realtor "selling" or trying to help you find a place to call home? A great Realtor takes pride in helping someone find a home. They are not trying to sell a home to add to the list of their successes. A Realtor should be putting your needs before their own. When you find the perfect house to buy or accept the best offer when you sell it's a win-win for everyone!

How will your Realtor communicate with you and how often? Phone, text, email? Every client has a preferred method for communicating and how often they want to speak to their Realtor. Your Realtor should be asking you your preferences. Remember, they are working for and with you.

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